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14/10/23 A large truckload of locally made MALLEE ROOT Lump Charcoal has arrived. We have been out of stock for years as the wood is very hard to source in Vic, so we got a semi load from NSW to cook into coal.
02/07/23 Our Charcoal Cook has upgraded his 2 ton Charcoal Kilns to a Huge Train cargo carriage that used to transport Brown coal to the Power Stations.
After starting a huge fire of Red Gum or Ironbark timber, several large lids are slid across the top, to make it airtight so the wood is slowly cooked without oxygen into Natural Aussie Lump Charcoal with a high carbon content. The higher the carbon percentage, the hotter and more pure the charcoal is.  
07/03/23 Buy 4x5kg Bags of Hot NAMIBIAN ZULU CHARCOAL - The best Grilling charcoal for Weber, BBQ Spits and Rotisseries, Skewers, Hibachi.
- 19/01/23 New ORGANIC BAMBOO CHARCOAL LOGS 10kg box avail mid Jan. Like HONEYBRIX but more Eco friendly and less ash. 
- 16/12/22 We now stock AFRICAN NAMIBIAN LUMP CHARCOAL for your BBQ or Braai. ROYAL ZULU 5kg bags.
​- 040422 New BBQ ASH SCOOP SHOVEL to scoop ash out of round based BBQs:- Weber, Kamado Primo ..
- 05/11/21 Looking for the best Black Nitrile BBQ Meat Gloves? Try BLACK NITRILE GLOVES AUSTRALIA 
- 02/06/21 We now offer AUS ORCHID CHARCOAL POTTING MIX for growing Healthy Orchids
- 01/06/21 We have lots of MURRUMBIDGEE RIVER RED GUM LUMP CHARCOAL for your BBQ SPITS ROTISSERIES GRILL TANDOOR SKEWERS HIBACHI etc. It is flaming hot coal and burns clean, no ash.
- 31/05/21 We now offer AUS ORCHID CHARCOAL MEDIUM in 4kg bags.
- 04/02/21 Looking for Pure Aus Lump Charcoal?  We have lots of RED GUM and IRONBARK CHARCOAL!
  Currently there is a huge Charcoal shortage in Australia as no Backpacker Labour in the country, minimal    imported charcoal coming in, and there is no Mallee Root charcoal around as the largest supplier in SA   
  retired and closed down and the wood is now scarce, but our RED GUM works better as no sparks or ash.
- 16/05/20 IRONBARK pure lump charcoal back in stock, fresh truckload arrived. Best Charcoal in Aus. 
- 25/03/20 IRONBARK LUMP CHARCOAL heat test: We got a Weber up to 513C/956F
- 21/02/20 New delivery arrived of pure Australian Chemical Free Lump Charcoals:
- 21/01/20 New 20kg bags of Biochar made from Red Gum Charcoal. Make ACTIVATED CARBON 
  CHARCOAL by mixing with Chook or Cow manure for a powerful Soil Improver. 

- 03/12/18 Truckload of 20kg ashless MURRUMBIDGEE RIVER RED GUM LUMP CHARCOAL arrived!
- 17/07/18 The new FIRE ROD Electric Charcoal Starter  is now available from
- 1/4/17 We make pure steam activated sterilised Australian Activated Charcoal for the new Aussie BBQ Smoke Seasoning:-  GUNPOWDER: SMOKEY ACTIVATED CHARCOAL PEPPER SALT RUB