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We supply 2 top quality pure Australian made chemical free BBQ Lump Charcoals, and import a few Choice Charcoals from overseas.

​-  MURRUMBIDGEE RIVER RED GUM - Use for BBQ Grilling & BBQ Spits and Rotisseries, almost zero ash, no ash to blow on your meats. Needs smoker vents open, goes out if air is choked off too much.  60ltr 18-22kg $50+gst.

-  IRONBARK - Use for LownSlow and hot grilling. Restrict air flow for long cooks. Hot long lasting charcoal, low ash, needs minimal air.  60ltr 18-22kg $50+gst.     

- MALLEE ROOT - It burns Hot and can be used for Grilling or LownSlow, and leaves some ash. 20kg $50+gst.

ROYAL ZULU 5kg AFRICAN NAMIBIAN HARDWOOD LUMP CHARCOAL - Use for Hot Grilling in your BBQ or Braai. Very Hot charcoal that is easy to light, it started in 45 seconds with our FIRE ROD and was raging in 1 min. Best Charcoal for Hot Grilling Skewers & Burgers in shallow charcoal beds in Hibachi or Skewers Grills. Leaves a fine talc ash. 1 x 5kg Bag $15+gst. 3 bags $40+gst. 4 bags $50+gst.  
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ORGANIC BAMBOO CHARCOAL LOGS - Long Burning Hot compressed hexagonal Logs - like HONEYBRIX but more Eco & lower ash. Long compressed 40cm hexagonal Logs, 6hrs+ burn time. Break into small chunks for Grilling, or stack the charcoal logs high and only start the base of the pile, for long cooks in a big smoker, restrict air vents for a slower burn. 10kg Box $25+gst.